Suicide Bombings Kill 22 People


At least 22 people were killed on Friday due to a suicide attack aimed at a Shia ceremony in the city of Quetta, southwestern Pakistan, latest in sectarian attacks.

The police officials said that the violence erupted after attacks stretcher with people shooting each other while others fled to avoid the conflict.

The bomb was apparently aimed at a 450 person march to Al-Quds Day, an annual international commemoration organized Shia community who oppose the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and to show solidarity with the Palestinian Muslims.

"At least 11 bodies taken to several hospitals. More than 40 people were injured," said Akbar Magsi, a senior police officer in Quetta. Two intelligence officials in Quetta confirmed that the death toll.

Local television networks reported a man from the driver's AAJ-sopirsnya killed in the blast, while the other television stations reported that a photojournalist and three cameramen were injured in the incident.

Volunteer worker at that location Mujahid told the ARY TV: "We brought 17 injured people to hospital ." Television channels showed the patients brought in a wheelchair to a nearby hospital.

Police said that this is the latest in a series of attacks during the Moslem melaksanana last days of fasting. Previously, at least seornag killed and four others injured Friday when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb near a mosque entwined body the Ahmadiyya sect in the town of Mardan in northwestern Pakistan.

"A suicide bomber was trying to enter the place of the Ahmadiyah congregation prayers, but were intercepted by the guards outside the place and then brought yag bomb," police commander said Marda, Waqif Khan told AFP.

In the city of Peshawar, northwest Pakistan, which often became targets guerrillas cedear at least three policemen when a bomb exploded near their patrol vehicle, police said.
The police personnel were checking vehicles and d streets of the city's senior police officer Mohammad Karim Khan said the bomb was detonated by remote control devices.

On Wednesday, three suicide bombers killed 31 people and injured hundreds of people when they targeted a grieving process that followed thousands of people at the time of fasting.

Sectarian violence involving Pakistan, especially between Sunni and Shia groups has killed more than 4000 people in one dasawasa lately. Sunnis are a majority in Pakistan with a population of 160 million people, with about 20 percent Shia population of the country.

On May, nearly 100 people were killed in the city of Lahore after the guerrillas attacked two Ahmadiyya mosques with rifles and grenades. Armed men had stormed the hospital where the victims are treated and killed four people in the crossfire.
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