Nude Wedding Photos, Popular in China


Wedding photographers Association in China requested the prohibition of nude photos of the newlyweds. In fact, nude photographs made by the newlyweds are popular in China.
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The Association said that the nude photo is not a good thing in the institution of marriage. They also said it would urge the government to ban the photo studio to capture images, as reported by Shanghai Daily, last weekend.

Unlike in Western countries, Chinese wedding photos are usually taken several months before the marriage ceremony performed and showed the couple dressed in Western and Chinese style. Some photo studios began to offer the brides and grooms to capture the pose without any clothes or to put some things in certain body parts.

Lawyer Liu Chunquan told Shanghai Daily that the shooting is not an illegal action. He argued that anyone who disseminate such images into the public domain can be subject to the articles of pornography.

Examples of nude photographs that often appeared on the internet, also raises the debate about privacy. While the bride who likes to photograph nude said, pose like that makes them more likely to feel love and warmth.
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