Confessing Gay, Pastor of the Church in Malaysia criticized


Malaysian society are furious and angry when one priest taking care of himself as a gay endorsement. Anger was triggered because of homosexuals in that country more widespread.

During this time, in an effort to stem the homosexuals, the Malaysian government gave 20-year prison sentence to its citizens who claim to be gay. Though pressed, a priest named Ouyang Feng Wen Church remains established specifically for the gay community of Malaysia. The church was operating clandestinely on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

During recent years, struggling alone Ouyang recorded shout out equal treatment to gays. The struggle was soon getting a response from the gay community who had been hiding in various areas in Malaysia. "We encourage the many people who supported the establishment of the church," said the man who had been married for nine years as quoted from Alarabiya, Sunday (5 / 9).

He also said that a gay or lesbian is not something desirable. Therefore, he considered the church should support him. "When I was young, I was so hoping there is someone so respected and esteemed in the community to fight and told me that he was also a gay man," said 40-year-old pastor.

Ouyang fought for what was regarded a taboo, even more taboo than racial and religious issues as happened in Malaysia. Over the years, Malaysia's gay community is always in touch through cyberspace. They operate in secret hiding to avoid arrest. Malaysian authorities regularly conduct raids in several locations massage parlors or gay bars.

In 2008, Malaysia's gay community to appear in public through the event "Sexual Freedom". The event was inspired by similar event that occurred in Nepal, India and Thailand and Indonesia. "We thought the same thing must be done in Malaysia. We try to inform our identity to the public. You have rights over your sexual orientation even though the state does not recognize," said Pang Khee Teik, an owner of an art gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

Through its community movement, Pang said, they expect the penalties for sodomy and oral sex behaviors revoked. Because according to him, these laws contain discriminatory. Meanwhile, about the festival, Pang said the event will include talks, musical performances and film screenings. Pang revealed that the visitors reached 400 people in 2008. Special this year, he predicted total visitors reached 800 people.

Responding to these plans, Malaysia's Islamic religious leaders strongly condemned the plan. Even in the year 2008, Malaysia issued a fatwa religious bodies prohibition against lesbian and gay.

One Malaysian scholar, Harussani Zakaria says homosexuality is a form of human beings who are not grateful for God's gift. "Homo sex is a bad thing. Allah Almighty has created man and woman in pairs. He said that how could a man with a man and woman with woman be a pair.
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